As a parent, or grandparent, it can sometimes seem that school holidays come around all too often. While school holidays vary in each state, children have around 12–13 weeks of holidays each year, including public holidays, with some private schools having even more. 
As most full time employees have just four weeks leave, many of us can’t always be at home for the school holidays. And even stay-at-home parents can struggle to keep the kids amused for that length of time. 
So here are five ways you can make the holidays enjoyable for everyone:
Organise a play date
Having your child invite over a good friend over can be a great way to keep them happy – while you get on with other jobs around the home. Best of all, it usually means that your child will have a play date at their friend’s place later.
Be a tourist in your own town
Take your dinosaur-obsessed child to the museum, enjoy the natural beauty of a national park, or pack a hamper and have a picnic in the park. Also, check the activities your local council has on -anything from festivals and fairs to walking tours and more.
Try something new
If your child’s school term is packed with after-school activities, let them try something new these holidays. Think circus skills, ice-skating or horse riding – or simply an activity they haven’t had time for when they are at school. Or if they’re passionate about an activity they already do, send them to a clinic to help build their skills. 
There are plenty of options, from soccer, surfing or tennis camps, to activities that feed their creative sides, like drama and art.
Give them time
Experts say that a little boredom can help children develop their creativity and sense of self. So don’t resort to screen time when they say they’re bored. Instead, let them create their own fun as children have always done, playing in the garden, painting a picture, creating a puppet show, or doing craftwork.
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